Sunday, September 25, 2016

Save $10 On A Stainless Steal Homebrewing Heating Element

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Coupon Code Date: 9/25/2016
Promotion Details: Save $10 On A Homebrewing Electric Water Heater
Promo Code: BEERDEAL
Coupon Code Description: Right now at MoreBeer you can save $10 on a stainless steel electric water heater for homebrewing. With these stainless steal heating elements, you can pre-heat your mash before beginning the brewing process with this Electric Bucket Heater 1000w. This handy little tool can work in conjunction with a product like the Ranco, Johnson or InkBird temperature controller by enabling you to set an exact hot liquid temperature on the controller, and then attaching it to the bucket heater. The temperature controller will turn off the bucket heater once it reaches your desired temperature. Our bucket water heater is designed to use with water in a bucket or cooler where an open flame cannot be used, and you can even use it to heat a bucket of water for cleaning.

Stainless Homebrew Water Heater

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