Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Chalkboard Beer Tap for $35

$35 Chalkboard Beer Tap Handle
$35 Chalkboard Beer Tap Handle
HomebrewSupply.com Coupon Codes and Promotional Code
Limited Time Sale Coupon For HomebrewSupply.com – Homebrew Supply
Promo Code for the Month of  August 2016
Coupon Code: 8-9-2016 to 8-15/2016
Promotion Details: $35 Chalkboard Beer Tap Handle
Promo Code: BEER TAP
Coupon Description: HomebrewSupply.com currently has a sale going on where you can pick up a home brewing chalkboard beer tap handle for just $35!  So if you are looking for a great way to let your guests know what beers are on tap without having to purchase a different tap handle for each beer you brew, this is the tap for you! This chalkboard tap handle is perfect for any kegerator or keezer. This makes a great gift for any home brewer!
Click Here for this HomeBrew Supply Chalk Board Beer Tap
Home Brew Supply Coupon Found At: Homebrewingcoupon.com

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