Saturday, May 14, 2016

Convert an old keg into a Stainless Steel Fermenter for just $9.99

Convert a Keg to a Fermenter for just $9.99
Convert a Keg to a Fermenter for just $9.99

Adventures in Home Brewing –

Sale Date: 5-14-2016 to 5-31-2016
Promotion Details: Keg to Fermenter Conversion Kit $9.99
Sale Description: Adventures in Homebrewing currently has a sale going on where you can get a Keg to Fermenter Conversion Kit for just $9.99.  Do you have an old keg sitting around and not know what to do with it?  Well, you could covert it to a stainless steel fermenter for just $9.99, how does that sound? What a great way to use your corny keg as a secondary fermenter! Simply replace your existing lid with this lid to turn your keg into a fermentation vessel! These lids have an approximate 3/4″ inch port hole (may vary by 1/8″) for an airlock bung and include a used lid o-ring.  Twin-bubble airlock and #3 bung included.
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