Friday, October 16, 2015

Stainless Steel Homebrew Pump on Sale!

Stainless Steel Homebrewing Pumps

Adventures in Home Brewing – Homebrewing.orgStainless Steel Homebrewing Pump on Sale for $169.99

Sale Date: 10-16-2015 to Unknown
Promotion Details: Stainless Steel Homebrewing Pump for $169.99
Sale Code: Sale
Coupon Item Description: Adventures in Homebrewing has yet another great homebrew sale going on.  If you act now, you can pick up a stainless steel homebrew pump for only $169.99. This sale is for an American manufactured seal-less centrifugal magnetic drive pump ideal for home brewing. This is a high temp stainless steel march pump designed for homebrewing. This pump is capable of generating a maximum flow of 7 gallons per minute at 4.5 feet, and its maximum head is 18.6 Feet. The  materials that come in contact with the solution in this pump is composed of stainless steel, teflon and silicone. The inlet connection is 1/2 inch male pipe thread, and the outlet is 1/2 inch male pipe thread. The maximum internal pressure the pump can tolerate is 150PSI, and the maximum liquid temperature is 250 Fahrenheit which is ideal for just about any brewing application.

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