Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Russian River Consecration Beer Kit Video

Russian River Consecration Beer Clone Recipe Kit Review Video From WestCoastBrewer.com

This Russian River Consecration Beer Recipe Kit is released by More Beer with help from Vinnie, the owner of Russian River Brewing.  He actually released his Consecration recipe to them, which is a great score for home beer brewers and sour beer lovers. If you have not had the pleasure of tasting this incredible sour beer, Consecration is a sour dark ale aged in a Cabernet Sauvignon barrel. The beer ages for almost 8 months with currants and brettanomyces. What makes this MoreBeer homebrewing ingredient kit so special is that they provide actual oak chunks from real Russian River Consecration barrels! Where else are you going to find a home brewing ingredient kit with that. They also include two pounds of currants to replicate the original recipe as much as possible.  I have had great success with this Consecration Homebrew ingredient kit and I highly recommend it to any sour beer lover.

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