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All Grain Homebrewing Stand Sale

Homebrewing Rig Promo Code Promo Code
 Limited time promo sale from Adventures In Home Brewing –
Coupon Code Date
: 9-16-2015 to 9-30-3015
Promotion Details:  15 Gallon All Grain Brewing System for just $1299
Promo Code
: Sale Item
Product Rating:
 5 out of 5 stars
Coupon Item Description: 
This Coupon Code is for a 15 Gallon All Grain Homebrewing System!
This 15.5 gallon all grain brewing system allows you to brew up to 12 gallon homebrew beer batches and save money! It retails for $1500 but is currently on sale for only $1299. This all grain homebrew stand comes with just about everything that you need to brew all grain homebrew batches, in fact it even comes with a homebrew pump to be used on your mash tun. This all grain homebrewing kit comes with everything you need but you can also upgrade your Hot Liquor Tank and Boil Kettle to a 2 weld pot, for installing items like a thermometer instead of a long stem clip on thermometer. This all grain homebrew setup also comes with a 3 burner system.

This Homebrewing Stand Includes the following homebrew items:
  • 1-Two Weld Mash Tun
  • 1-False Bottom and Legs
  • 1- 1/2″ NPT 2″ Thermometer
  • 1-One Weld HLT Kettle
  • 1-One Weld Boil Kettle
  • 1-10″ Flat False Bottom
  • 1- 1/100th March Pump w/Fittings
  • 3-14″ Burner System W/ Regulator and Hoses
  • Copper Immersion Wort Chiller
  • Mash Paddle
  • 3-Brass Ball Valve Assemblies w/ garden hose fitting

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