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Brew Rigs and Brew Stands


Beer Brew Rigs and Brew Stands

Homebrewing Rigs for Making Beer at Home
Brew Rigs

Brew Rigs

A brew rig, or beer brewing rack is a home beer brewery setup that contains the kettles and heating system (either gas fired or electric). A home brewing rig may also contain pumps or may be gravity based depending on the configuration of the brewing rig.  Homebrewing rigs are typically used for all grain beer brewing, but some extract home brewers may also use a brewing rig.
When it comes to home beer brewing rigs and beer brewing stands, a home brewer has many of options. You can either design and construct your own homebrewing rig or your can purchase a turnkey home brewery. The following is a list of some of the different homebrewing rigs that are available to be purchased form online homebrew supply shops. I will break down the different homebrew rigs by design type.  The two main homebrewing rig designs are single tier and multi tier.  Single tier homebrew rigs typically use pumps to move around the wort and water, while multi tier homebrewing stands often times use gravity.

Single Tier Homebrewing Brew Rigs

As far as single tier homebrewing rigs go, MoreBeer makes some of the best available.  If you have not used More Beer for your homebrewing supplies or equipment before, then you are missing out.  They have great pricing, free shipping offers on just about everything they sell and are as reliable as they come.  Click here for MoreBeer’s website.

MoreBeer Automated Brew Rig System

Home Brewing Rig
Homebrewing Rig
Homebrewing Rig Purchase and Pricing InformationRetail Price: $3,900 to $6,350
Brew Rig Style: Single Tier
Brew Rig Details: Single-Tier Brewing Rigs are the most popular style out there and with good reason.  A single tier homebrew rig give you access to all of your kettles without the need of a step stool or ladder. Being able to monitor your brew from the ground makes things safe and easy. There is no lifting heavy kettles from a higher tier and no hoisting a full mash tun. This stainless steel homebrewing rig uses two pumps to transfer your wort and hot water from brew kettle to brew kettle. These homebrewing rigs have the following features or available options:
  • Homebrewing March Pumps for Liquid Transferring
  • Stainless Steel Maximizers and Diverter
  • Stainless Steel Sparge Arm Assembly
  • 304-Brushed Stainless Steel Frame
  • Brew Rig Control Panel
  • Mash Tun and Hot Liquor Tank Float Switches
  • Mash Tun and Hot Liquor Tank Digital Temperature Control
  • An Automated Hot Liquor Tank Burner
  • Convoluted Heat Exchanger
  • Boil Kettle Whirlpool Arm
Multi Tier Brew Rigs
Once again MoreBeer steals the show when it comes to multi tier home beer brewing rigs.  They have a few different versions available.

MoreBeer Tippy Dump Automated Brewing Rig System

Stainless Steel Home Brewing Brew Rig
Stainless Steel Home Brewing Brew Rig
Homebrewing Rig Purchase and Pricing InformationRetail Price: $3,600 to $5,900
Homebrewing Rig Style: Tippy Dump Multi Tier Brew Rig
Homebrewing Rig Details: This multi tier tippy dump style homebrew rig is probably the ideal multi tier home brewing stand in my opinion.  It is compact, taking up less horizontal space than single tier homebrewing stands and yet still stable enough to handle larger sized kettles with out you having to worry about boiling hot wort coming crashing down.  The Tippy-Dump homebrewing stand is named after it’s tipping  mash tun that allows you to place a garbage can under it so that you can easily clear your spent grains once your mash has completed. Another added benefit of this design is the placement of the hot liquor tank underneath the nash tun. This kettle placement allows excess heat rising from the hot liquor tank to warm the mash tun during the mash.  Some of the included and or available features on this homebrewing rig are:
  • Stainless Steel Brewing Rig Construction
  • Analog Thermometers
  • Homebrewing March Pump
  • Stainless Steel Sparge Arm Assembly
  • Food Grade 304-Brushed Stainless Steel Frame
  • Brew Rig Control Panel
  • Mash Tun and Hot Liquor Tank Digital Temperature Control
  • Automated Hot Liquor Tank burner
  • Boil Kettle Whirlpool Arm
  • Convoluted Heat Exchanger
 Check out for a full list of brew rigs!

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